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  • Skyra Professional Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

    Skyra is in the business of something new and something different. Unlike other manufacturers that have established a brand by dumping their export OEM products into their branded catalog, Skyra actually creates custom innovations for the Foodservice market. It took 3 years to formulate and execute our design strategy, which is as unique to Skyra as its products.

    Each year, the designers at Skyra meet with a panel of top Chefs, F&B Directors and Caterers in India to discuss gaps in the Indian Tableware market. The designers then innovate designs around these issues and fine-tune them along with the panel and our in-house engineers. The engineers and production team create prototypes, re-tune and finally launch over a 100 new products each year. The products are designed to meet solutions in the areas of Food Presentation, Warming, Front- house Cooking, Serving as well as Storage.

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  • Amefa Premiere

    Together we achieve more“ At Amefa we are proud to say that we have more than 80 years of experience in setting the world’s tables. With our four brands, Amefa, Richardson Sheffield, Couzon and Medard de Noblat we can offer you a wide variety of table top and kitchen products. Amefa supplies their products to customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

    At Amefa we believe that you learn every day, about cutlery, kitchen knives and table top, even we do. But we also have a life time of experience to guide you through our spectacular portfolio.
  • Securit Chalkboards

    Established in 1948, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Nowadays it’s a third generation family business home to the brand Securit®. Our strong global reputation was born from the creative trendsetters in the product team, who thrive on functional, quality innovation and are always one of the first with new designs.

    The Vermes in-house production process is ethical and controlled by the highest standard with advanced logistical support and service staff that will always do their utmost to provide full customer satisfaction. Our key to success is building the business on trust and relationships, with treasured distributors across the globe.