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If you want to join a company where your contribution count, where your ideas and suggestions are appreciated, where you can further your personal and professional development and where you can make work fun, Skyra Professional is the place for you. Learn more about Skyra and kind of people that fit into our organization.

The kind of company Skyra Professional is:

We are explorers and innovators who push the boundaries of personal and professional development in our industry and the Hospitality world. A dedication to product innovation, purchasing experience and customer service has helped us become the fastest growing company in the Indian Foodservice market. We work hard every day “to create products that help food taste better.”

True to our core values, Skyra Professional understands that we people are the essential factor that makes everything – building great products, creating lasting relationship with our clients, contributing to the community, earning a reward and having fun – possible. Skyra employs uniquely rigorous recruiting, hiring, development and retention strategies to identify exception candidates from engineering and management backgrounds.

Aside from amazing variable incentives, and cool gadgets and toys (which related directly to your profile and performance), the standard perks in Skyra include the following:

  • Ability to make a profound difference in people's lives
  • Autonomy within the company - chart your own course
  • Capability to impact multinational organizations across industries
  • Opportunities for travel nationally and internationally
  • Learn and work with the brightest people in the world
  • Executive chef on staff serving nutritious meals
  • An amazing building to house our incredible team
  • Opportunities for philanthropic work in the community

The type of people that fit in here:

People that drive growth, thrive on change, constantly take on new challenges and overcome impediments to achieve what others thought impossible.

To fit in, you have to be super passionate in your corresponding area of interest, talent and knowledge. You should be an ‘outlier’ – that is, you tend not to fit into the norm of society. A basic example would be a computer programming teenage whiz that spends all his or her free time programming.

You must be collaborative. As energized to work with other people, as you are passionate with your interests. Skyra introduces projects that need you to step outside your boundaries in the areas of innovation and development. These projects generally require multiple areas of expertise and people that do not contribute as a team or do not hold accountable on their own are sidelined.

You got to be fun. I mean super-fun. And be in that place in your life where you are ready to have the thrill of your carrier. Heart patients and pregnant ladies may need to consult their doctor.

All in all:

A career at Skyra Professional offers a chance to be a part of the country’s most stimulating Foodservice brand. We people continue to build a great company together, and you will achieve personal and professional success through working hard, working smart and having fun together.

We are always looking to expland our family with the right people. To apply write us @ hr@skyra.in now!

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