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Code : CNMB01
Price : Rs. 5,247.00
Name : Mini Tasting Trees
Description : The Mini Tasting Trees are a new playful way of presenting bite-sized starters or appetizers at casual dining occasions or buffet and parties. The tasting trees are made of strong steel and are light weight and durable. Together with the acrylic boards and sauce bowls, they put up a visibly artistic display.
  • 6.5 L x 5.5 W x 11.25 H in.

    MiniBytes Stainless Steel Tasting Tree Bambooshoot w/12 Holders

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    List Price Rs. 1,447.00
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  • 0.11 Ltr.

    3.25 D x 1.5 H in.

    MiniBytes Mirror Stainless Steel Bowl

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    List Price Rs. 236.00
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  • Riser Platform Wood Board Round

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    List Price Rs. 1,428.00
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