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Code : CNBS06
Price : Rs. 11,429.00
Name : Rustic Buffet Concept
Description : The Rustic Buffet Concept is a delight for all. Each element has its own compatibility besides beautifying buffet elevation and presentation. The Skyserv chafing dishes are induction compatible and can be individually used, like others. The intelligent warming features save fuel and help you save environment. In the combination, each element adds up to the powerful show, that makes an impact.
  • 3 Ltr.

    11 D X 3.25 H in

    Porcelain Round Food Pan 3 Ltr.

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    List Price Rs. 2,142.00
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  • 6 Ltr.

    14 D x 4 H in.

    Stainless Steel Round Food Pan for 6 L Chafers

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    List Price Rs. 1,252.00
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  • 16.5 L x 10.75 W in

    Industrial Pewter Finish Rectangular Burner

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    List Price Rs. 5,773.00
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  • 4.5 Ltr.

    14.5 L x 13 W x 5.5 H in.

    Marrakech Burnt Copper Finish Round Wok

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    List Price Rs. 2,262.00
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