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Code : CNBS02
Price : Rs. 49,591.00
Name : Warm Riser Buffet Concept
Description : The Warm Riser Buffet Concept is dominated by the reddish copper hue. One of the novel ways of buffet presentation, the collection is modern and modular for one-stop buffet serving. It contains induction compatible items for a flame-less live cooking. The sleek and compact setup saves you time, space and money as well.
  • 10.5 L x 10.5 W x 12 H in

    Crate Mirror Stainless Steel and Copper Trim Warm Riser with Grill 12in

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    List Price Rs. 9,219.00
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  • 3 Ltr.

    11 D X 3.25 H in

    Porcelain Round Food Pan 3 Ltr.

    In Stock
    List Price Rs. 2,142.00
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  • 6 Ltr.

    12.5 D x 10 H in.

    Skyserv Induction Round Tagine with Lid

    In Stock
    List Price Rs. 11,312.00
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  • 9 Ltr.

    16 L x 10.5 W x 4.25 H in.

    Skyserv Induction Oval Dutch Oven w/ Lid

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    List Price Rs. 14,414.00
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  • 36 L x 22 W x 4 H cm

    Table Easel menu/board stand - including A4 Chalk board

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    List Price Rs. 2,135.00
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